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A community for UK Energy Arts tai chi and qigong teachers and practitioners

Welcome to Energy Arts UK

We are currently reviewing the content of this site and updating the software to the latest verisons.

All news and event information is currently available from the main Energy Arts Site http://www.energyarts.com

Taichiarts.co.uk is a linked community site of UK and senior European teachers and practitioners of the Bruce Frantzis Energy Arts system of tai chi, qigong and Taoist meditation. If you are new to the Energy Arts system, or are interested in how tai chi, qigong and meditation can help you improve your physical and mental health then this is the site for you.

bkf-head-shot-bio-2Energy Arts was founded by Bruce Frantzis to teach energetic fitness and healing practices such as tai chi (taiji),  qigong (chi gung or chi kung), Taoist yoga and Tao meditation. Bruce's system will empower you to master your inner world, reduce stress, reverse the effects of aging, and reclaim health and joy in your life.

For nearly three decades Bruce has taught more than 350 events and Instructor trainings worldwide to more than 16,000 students.

He is a pioneer in the field of Chi (Qi) practices, such as Qigong, Tai chi and Tao meditation. This site will specifically promote the teachings and activities of Bruce Frantzis worldwide and Energy Gates instructors based in the UK and Europe.